BOAO FORUM TV Debate: Young Leaders Roundtable – Redefining Distance

From the right, front row
RAO Yi (Mentor, Chair Professor, Peking University), WANG Xiaochuan (CEO, Sogou), ZHAO Hejuan (Founder & Editor – in 2013 Chief, MT Post), Jessica Lessin (Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Information), Lili LUO (President & Creator, TriBeluga), JING Xiadong (President, Ant Financial), Arif Mohd Hadi Mir Ahmad AMIRI (CEO, Dubai International Financial Center Authority)
From the left, back row

Shaukat AZIZ (Mentor, Former Prime Minister, Pakistan), KIM Dongwon (Head of FinTech & Innovation Center, Hanwha Life Insurance), Sophie WATTS (President, STX Entertainment), Benedikt SOBOTKA (CEO, Eurasian Resources Group), TONG Dawei (Founder, T&G Entertainment & Shanghai T&G Investment Management Center), LI Sixuan (Moderator, Anchor, CCTV)

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