Impulsa Charity Reception, Changsha, China

From left to right:
Claire Du (TechRock Founder), Lili Luo (TriBeluga, President), Zhou Li (12Sleep Founder), Xianming Zhang (P8 Co-Founder)

TriBeluga’s President Lili Luo was invited to be a panel speaker at a startup event called Impulsa Charity Reception with TechRock. The event was held on January 9, 2016 in Changsha, China. Lili was invited by the co-founder of P8 Space, Xianming Zhang, who was a co-panelist with Lili at TechCrunch Beijing in November 2015. During the panel which was titled ‘Soft Skills to be a Successful Entrepreneur’, Lili shared with the audience her personal experiences as an international entrepreneur.

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