[Korea Herald] TriBeluga seeks to be Asia’s startup platform

Panelists, including TriBeluga CEO Lili Luo (left), discuss startups in China at a tech conference in Beijing. (Park Hyong-ki/The Korea Herald)

BEIJING ― TriBeluga, a Beijing-based startup incubator, said that it will facilitate young technology pioneers and visionaries from China, South Korea and the U.S. to work together to solve social problems through innovation.

TriBeluga founder and CEO Lili Luo said the startup accelerator seeks to become a platform connecting entrepreneurs in China and Korea with Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs and venture capital funds, to help advance social and economic development in Asia.

“We aim to be a platform where entrepreneurs can interact and bring positive energy to Asia and the world,” she said in an event at the Great Hall of the People on Monday.

TriBeluga founder and CEO Lili Luo

Luo stressed that it was necessary for young people from around the world to join hands to create value or inventions that can mitigate concerns facing the world’s environment, education and health care sectors.

Only through partnerships can Asia and the world tackle such challenging tasks.

TriBeluga set up its first incubation center in Seoul last October with a long-term commitment to support startups seeking to provide innovative solutions in the three areas.

Establishing a cross-border or cross-industry alliance was imperative especially for startups seeking to make inroads into China, Luo reiterated at a tech conference.

Jim Brulte, a Senate Republican from the U.S. state of California, said forming a partnership may not be easy, but a successful one between public and private enterprises can increase market efficiency and productivity.

However, both sides must gain mutual trust by first willing to learn about each other’s culture even before trying to make money in a new market.

“You have to be willing to learn in order to enter the Greater China market, learn about users and culture,” said Amy Gu, general manager of Evernote China.

Evernote established a partnership with Samsung Electronics in 2013 to allow Chinese consumers to easily take notes with Samsung’s S Pen on the mobile office suite of the Galaxy Note 3.

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