[The Korea Times] China to incubate startups here

TriBeluga, a Chinese global startup incubator, has started operations here.

“We focus on the environment, health and education areas and help startups to access markets in China, Korea and the rest of the world,” said Lili Luo, president of the firm.

“In this regard, we believe there is a large demand for Korean startups that want to build products and take part in the global market. We are here to help them do so,” the 28-year-old entrepreneur said.

The firm will give Korean startups access to the company’s global advisory board with business, legal, and communications expertise and access to the Chinese market.

“With our specially designed curriculum, TriBeluga trains and guides entrepreneurs to grow as leaders who can excel in China,” Luo said.

The company’s new incubator center in southern Seoul is also designed to promote the collaboration between young entrepreneurs.

TriBeluga was born out of Luo’s devotion to improving social welfare.

She has contributed a significant amount of time and resources towards charities such as Operation Smile, which is dedicated to helping children.

Luo also contributes regularly to various other non-profits and charities.

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