Our Story


With a firm belief that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive TriBeluga executes creative business solutions to bring transformative technology solutions to more people. With operations in China, Korea and the USA TriBeluga uses its global network to help partners and allies grow strong and succeed in achieving social impact. Our namesake, the Beluga whale, is one of nature’s most intelligent and social animals. TriBeluga reflects our goal to connect the three tech ecosystems in China, Korea and the USA and to drive social change through technology innovation.

Differenciated Approach I


Despite the enormous market opportunity that China presents, few foreign companies fully understand how to access it or how to navigate China’s SOEs (state owned enterprises) that dominate the economy.

China plays by its own rules, and accepted norms in the West and other Asian markets often do not work in China. Successful market entry in China relies heavily on the understanding of the nation’s history, people, and culture.

At TriBeluga we understand that success in China relies on working with the right partners and building the right relationships. We structure our solutions to ensure that foreign businesses entering the Chinese market can succeed.

As diverse as a continent, business culture varies from region to region in China. Therefore, a flexible and differentiated approach to market entry is essential.

Through meticulous field research, a diversified strategy, and strong relationships with credible partners that have extensive experience doing business in China, TriBeluga helps tech companies mitigate risks associated with Chinese market entry.


We help to develop the execution strategy and enable partnerships.


We provide startup with the go-to-market knowledge and network.


We deliver the right marketing exposure through our network in China, Korea, and US.

TriBeluga has three business units that can effectively address each company’s unique needs.

1. TriBeluga Incubator (TBI)
2. TriBeluga Marketing (TBM)
3. TriBeluga Business (TBB)

These units are coordinated by TriBeluga’s global talent team and
advisory board members based in Seoul, China, the US, and Hong Kong.

Differentiated Approach II

H.E.E Industries

Our sector focus is primarily in Healthcare, Environment, and Education because we believe this is where we can make the biggest difference to make a positive change in society and for the benefit of the people. TriBeluga is at the forefront of identifying and working with the most cutting-edge technologies and pushing forward a global agenda for the most promising startups.

Healthcare innovation is sorely needed in a China, bracing for an aging population. Education has become a focal point as Chinese families opt to have more children. The growing middle class are demanding technology that improves their quality of life and China has committed to environmental protection through its 13th five-year plan.

Differentiated Approach III

Exclusive Ecosystem

Typical accelerators make small equity investments and provide office space and support for three months. This short term model does not work in China where entrepreneurs need to nurture relationships to ensure long term value. Our approach to supporting businesses for the long term reflects the unique challenges presented by the Chinese market.

Rather than working with a large number of companies in the short term, we are extremely selective in choosing companies to work with and then commit human and financial capital for the long term.

Rather than monetizing through equity investments, Tribeluga benefits when its partners generate revenue through the relationships TriBeluga has helped foster. These relationships could include joint ventures or distribution agreements for the Chinese market.

Tribeluga Philanthropic Works

In addition to creating social impact through technology, TriBeluga is directly engaged in community activism that leverages its influential allies to make a real difference.

Perfect Imperfection (March 2016, Hong Kong) is an example. TriBeluga organized a charitable event with the government of the Netherlands through cooperation with the Dutch Embassy and Dutch designers based in Hong Kong. This successful event, which prominently featured on Bloomberg and CCTV in English, promoted awareness and raised money to fund important medical initiatives that are improving the health of underprivileged children across Asia.