TB Incubator

Seoul Branch

  • TriBeluga Building
  • Roof Top
  • Meeting Room
  • Work Space
  • TriBeluga Desk Space

TriBeluga’s first state of the art incubation center was established in October of 2014, located at Sinsa area, the center of Seoul. The six-story building, promoting a healthy and eco-friendly working environment, is designed by our award winning interior design partner Candice Chan-Chao and the internationally acclaimed lighting design master Tino Kwan.

Design Principles and Features

  • 900m2 Space with 3 full floors for incubation
  • Rooftop garden and kitchen area to promote healthy eating
  • Exercise and resting areas to promote healthy living
  • Reduced carbon footprint by using locally sourced materials
  • Eco-friendly design to enable pleasant working environment
  • Office Space
  • Fully equipped office with capacity for 30+ people per floor
  • Conference / executive rooms to enable collaborative group discussions and private meetings
  • Breakout areas to spur creative and innovative brainstorm sessions

Investment Approach

Tribeluga believes in growing together. Tribeluga works to incubate and spread technology that will contribute to better lives for mankind. TriBeluga invests in a startup or an entrepreneur that shares our vision and possesses the passion for technology benefiting social wellness.

Doing business in China is a long game with a very long memory. The opportunities within that market require timing and an understanding of how to enter the market appropriately.

TriBeluga invests in startups from seed stage to stage A. Our screening process is rigorous and selective. We want to work with tech companies that will thrive in China, which requires the startup to have the understanding and determination necessary to build long-term credibility with important Chinese partners. TriBeluga is involved in every step of the startup’s development. Working with TriBeluga means much more than funding or mentoring; Once someone becomes part of the TriBeluga ecosystem, they receive the full commitment of our cross-border platform which extends well beyond just business advice and go to market support. It extends into the TB Circle where other members and allies of our ecosystem treat you like their own.

Our goal is to expedite their growth curve upward by providing valuable support in their Chinese business. Tribeluga is looking to create JVs or exclusive distribution agreement for China with the startups to create revenue in China which can then be shared to create a win-win strategy.