TriBeluga Technology Conference, Beijing

TriBeluga, a technology incubator connecting China, Korea and Silicon Valley, held its first Technology Conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on December 8, 2014. All of TriBelugau2019s major partners were in attendance, which include representatives from some of the most prominent technology, investment, and media companies in the world. The Conference highlighted TriBeluga as a multicultural technology platform and its unique ability to bridge the East and the West, as well as the public and private sectors. The CEO of Zhongguancun, a state-owned company responsible for developing China’s version of Silicon Valley, joined some of California’s most prominent political leaders at the Conference to provide insights on the intersection of government and technology. The Conference gave these public officials the opportunity to interact with some of China and Korea’s most prominent technology entrepreneurs, investors, and financial and legal professionals, with a focus on technology that creates both economic value and measurable social impact.
I hope this Tech conference would be helpful for all our innovative technology partners from Korea, China and the US, offering them great potential business opportunities. TriBeluga will stand firm to contribute to the social welfare of the future generation by providing guidance and collaboration to ensure the success of the best technology entrepreneurs from these three countries.Lili Luo
TriBeluga opened its 6-story incubation campus in Gangnam, the business center of Korea, on October 16, 2014. The incubator will offer the first platform for funding and nurturing Korean technology startups in preparation for entry into the China market.

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