[Korea Times]TriBeluga to help startups advancing into China


TriBeluga, a Chinese startup incubator based in Seoul, has pledged to support Korea’s IT startups to enter the Chinese market under cooperation with the country’s technology cluster authority.

The company invited executives of Zhongguancun, a science and technology research district in Beijing, and a Chinese data center operator to Seoul, who revealed their interest in Korean ventures with promising technology intellectual properties.

“TriBeluga is the only startup incubation platform connecting Korea, China and the Silicon Valley,” company President Lili Luo said during the beGLOBAL 2015 startup fair at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, last week.

“We are a platform operator that supports companies willing to reach out the global market. We want to create meaningful results by closely collaborating with Zhongguancun.”

The Zhongguancun High-tech Zone in Beijing, which is nicknamed China’s Silicon Valley, is China’s largest IT enterprise complex.

The Chinese government designated it as a high-tech industry zone in 1988. About 1.9 million people work at more than 15,000 global enterprises there.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited the complex on May 7 and emphasized the importance of promising startups.

Established last October, TriBeluga has its headquarters in Seoul and a branch in Hong Kong.

“As Google has shown by opening the Google Campus in Seoul for the first time in Asia, Korea has many innovative entrepreneurs and startups,” Luo said.

“I believe they are prospective enough to succeed in China and the wider global market.

“Being able to build an effective network with strategic partners is crucial to enter the Chinese market successfully. TriBeluga offers a network in China and insight about doing business there.”

beGLOBAL Seoul 2015, one of Korea’s largest startup conferences, was hosted by a local startup media beSUCCESS. TriBeluga, Naver and the Korea Internet and Security Agency were sponsors.

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